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Zip screen & Straight Drop Awnings

Zip screen & Straight Drop Awnings are part of a new range of next generation outdoor blinds made specifically for patio, cafe and verandah areas. Unlike other styles, the fabric on Zip screen blinds is restrained in aluminium side channels making the product easy to use, highly windproof and modern.

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Zip screen blinds are custom made to suit most outdoor entertaining areas and windows. The product is generally crank operated or with motorised option. Zippers attached to the fabric guide it down the side channels. The Zip screen system is one of the easiest and most elegant blinds in the outdoor range.

One advantage of track guided systems is that it creates a strong barrier to wind, rain and heat. This makes it perfect for closing off outdoor spaces and making them more inviting as entertaining areas.


The Zip screen track guided blind system has specially designed aluminium tracks in which the blind moves smoothly and easily up and down. The blind can be secured and locked in the down position to guard against winds. No ropes, pulleys or handles are required.


A Lucas Blinds consultant is able to guide you in the complete range of options available.​

  • Available in clear PVC or close knit mesh fabrics
  • Manual operation or motorised
  • Fully enclosed hood box systems available
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