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Pivot Arm Awnings

Lucas Blinds uses Pivot Arm Awnings are ideal for shading a huge variety of windows. Pivot Arm Awnings shade the window yet allow the air to flow around it which makes them ideal for those hard to reach windows operated via an internal cord lock, winch or motor.

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Pivot Arm Awnings operate by arms pivoting in an arc which moves fabric to extend and retract. The benefits are a larger area between the awning and window which enables greater air circulation while still allowing wind-out windows to open.

Pivot Arms on the slide rail can be locked at various positions. The awning can be fully retracted, extended horizontally (like an overhead canopy), or extended to an almost vertical position. They will provide shade over doorways (whilst operational) or over smaller patio areas.


Pivot Arm Awnings bring you the elegance of style, protection and cooling so often required. They will protect your valuable carpet, curtains and furniture from the fading effects of ultraviolet rays and minimise cooling costs. Most important of all, Pivot Arm Awnings will reduce total heat load on and in your home. The result will be more comfort during the day and quicker cooling at night.


A Lucas Blinds consultant is able to guide you in the complete range of options available.​

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